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This is the wiki site of Xplico Network Forensic Analysis Tool (NFAT).
This application is still under heavy development, so it is possible that you will encounter a bug while using it. Don't hesitate to report bugs to bug[@]xplico.org and/or use the forum.
Every feature requests and comments are well come.

Xplico in theCloud ;)
Xplico is Free Software, but if you like it you can support its progress.

Install Xplico

  • Ubuntu: Installing Xplico on Ubuntu (the easy way)
  • Tutorial: Step by step installation from source code
  • Building: Building and Installing Xplico from source code
  • Interface: Installing Xplico Interface (XI) from source code
  • doing a DEB package: Instructions to generate a DEB package from source code.

Use Xplico

Architecture and modules documentation

  • FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
  • Architecture: Characteristics and basic structure of the system.
  • DeMa: Decoding Manager.
  • Decoder: Traffic decoder.
    • Modules: Capture dissector modules, dissector modules and the dispatcher modules.
  • Manipulators: Set of tools/applications for data manipulation: transcoding, correlations, aggregators.
  • Visualization: All applications for viewing.
  • Scripts: Useful scripts
  • API: Application Programming Interface
  • Developer Tutorials: Sample code and tutorials for developing with Xplico
Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license: CC Attribution 4.0 International
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