Source Code

Xplico use source code, libraries, database and applications of other projects, some of those are inside Xplico code but other no, therefore to build Xplico (system) with all features it is necessary download (compile/install) these software:

The optionals software are necessary if you want the geographical and temporal visualizations of connections (GeoIP C API & GeoLite City), or if you want reconstruct document printed with network printer (GhostPCL), or if you want decode VoIP based on RTP (videosnarf).


Xplico code depends of these libraries:

  • Pcap Library: libpcap
  • SQLite Library: libsqlite3
  • Zlib: zlib1g-dev

Xplico depends also by these applications:

Building it

In this section4) we describe the steps to compile and install (if you want) Xplico. Some steps are optionals and depends of the features that you decide to use.

  1. First extract the tarball:
    tar -xzvf xplico-xxxx.tgz
  2. Compile nDPI library. From the SAME directory where you unpack xplico:
         svn co
         cd nDPI
         ./configure --with-pic

    No need to install nDPI.

  3. Run make in the Xplico distribution directory. Hopefully, you won’t run into any problems.
  4. After running make, you will see xplico binary and modules directory.
  5. If you wish (not necessary) to decode network printer job, make sure you have Ghostpcl. Compile Ghostpcl without install it. Copy 'pcl6' application in Xplico home directory (in the same directory of xplico binary).
  6. If you wish to decode RTP, SIP, MEGACO, H323, MGCP… VoIP audio codec, make sure you have videosnarf-0.63. Copy “videosnarf” in Xplico home directory (in the same directory of xplico binary).
  7. Run ‘./xplico’ and make sure that everything are working. Note that you must have root privileges in order to capture live data!
  8. At this point you can use Xplico in Console Mode.
  9. If you use Xplico Interface then run the following commands:
    make install
  10. The steps to install Xplico Interface are here.
necessary to enable geographical and temporal visualizations
necessary to decode printer job of network printers
necessary to decode RTP audio codec
The old building procedures can be found here.
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