Xplico DB upgrade (only for 1.0.0 or higher)

:!: Do not use this HowTo if you use the Xplico Ubuntu package.

Before install the new version of Xplico you have to save all your data and the SQLite (MySQL) DB:

sudo mkdir /opt/xplico_bck
sudo mv /opt/xplico/pol_* /opt/xplico_bck
sudo mv /opt/xplico/xplico.db /opt/xplico_bck

now you can install the new version and at the end of the installation you must run these commands:

sudo mv /opt/xplico/xplico.db /opt/xplico/xplico_new.db
sudo mv /opt/xplico_bck/* /opt/xplico/
cd /opt/xplico/script/db/sqlite
sudo ./create_xplico_db.sh
sudo /opt/xplico/script/db/sqlite/upgrade_db.py
sudo rm -f /opt/xplico/xplico_new.db
sudo rm -rf /opt/xplico/xi/app/tmp/cache/models/*
sudo rm -rf /opt/xplico/xi/app/tmp/cache/views/*
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